Introduction to CoinBunchie

Everybody loves Bunchie. Even if you are not into memes, the character is destined to make you giggle. The moment you see that glorious posture and elongated neck, you can’t help but instantly want to pet it. And then you see those happy eyes and a heartwarming smile that makes you want to count its teeth over and over. It is of course a no-brainer that Bunchie is an ideal candidate for a meme token.

CoinBunchie aims to capture the excitement of an animated galloping creature and translate it into a community-driven meme token that provides access to equally fun content and activities for the community while being a valuable asset on its own.

A community of smart fun-loving people

CoinBunchie is all about having fun in a smart way. We offer games, contests, events and a lot of different creative content while rewarding our community. All $BUNCHIE holders will earn $BTC 5% on every transaction made, based on the share of the supply and regardless of the source of the tokens — whether they were received via airdrop, or as a prize for winning games and contests, or rewarded for helping CoinBunchie community. You might ask — why $BTC? And the answer is simple — Bitcoin is here to stay, and so are we.

Bunchie Metaverse

The Bunchie multiplayer endless runner arcade game, which is currently in development, will be the first addition to the ever-growing Bunchie Metaverse. In the game, users will guide bunchie on its long meaningless run and help to avoid the obstacles while competing with each other on the leaderboard and earning their well-deserved rewards.

The game will soon be followed by a collection of CryptoBunchies NFTs which will be available for purchase and we believe that with the demand for this new form of art being higher than ever, there are many obvious benefits of buying and holding on to our digital assets. CryptoBunchies are 10,000 unique pixel art collectibles featuring Bunchie dressed up in various outfits or showcasing different moods.

A self-sufficient community

CoinBunchie’s main goal is to grow a self-driven community. This will be achieved in particular through the CoinBunchie members app, which is also in our development pipeline. The app will allow users to identify the status within the community. The will be a 4 levels of community members:

VVIP — members who hold over 1 billion $BUNCHIE and one of CryptoBunchies NFT

VIP — members who hold over 1 billion $BUNCHIE or one of CryptoBunchies NFT and any amount of $BUNCHIE

Bunchie Millionaire — members who hold over 1 million $BUNCHIE

Bunchie Member — members who hold any amount of $BUNCHIE

The benefits of being in a CoinBunchie community

The app is not only built for $BUNCHIE holders, but for everyone who has any small business. Any member who wants to promote their business to a larger audience can upload the details and place it on the map in the Bunchie app. Business owners can also choose to provide discounts to members of any community level.

The benefits of multiple community levels

Having multiple community levels will increase the demand for $BUNCHIE tokens. If you are a business owner and a $BUNCHIE token holder, it is in your direct interest to give more benefits to fellow BUNCHIE holdecoirs or invite new people or business customers to join the community. You can show some love to the CoinBunchie community and provide a nice discount for all or particular level holders. If any of your business customers do not hold any tokens, it is in the interest of the venue to introduce them to the CoinBunchie community. The community is very responsive and ready to lend a helping hand at any time — CoinBunchie can organize various events or contests to help fellow CoinBunchie members to create all design and promotional materials.

This is only the beginning — there will be much more fun and exciting things in the future, so join the CoinBunchie community today!

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Bunchie is on a mission to give back to society via competitions and build a community where anyone can get rewarded. Watch. Listen. Play. Collect. Earn.

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Bunchie is on a mission to give back to society via competitions and build a community where anyone can get rewarded. Watch. Listen. Play. Collect. Earn.

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